Marc Schmiedhäuser

Orchestral Horns

From the most delicate introductory tones to the most heroic finale

The unusual models from my manufactory.

Privée, Modell M1, Modell Chicago, Modell S1

from Marc Schmiedhäuser, Orchestral Horns Germany

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Orchestral Horns

The Model Chicago, Schmiedhaeuser Orchestral Horns, Germany

Model Chicago

The Geyer model, optimizing the intonation and response without altering the legendary noble tone

The Model "Chicago" - Geyer design. The ultimate instrument for those who seek to carry on a great tradition.

The Model Privée, Schmiedhaeuser Orchestral Horns, Germany

Model Privée

Highest quality on playability, intonation and sound

Highest level of playability and sound. Conforms currently to the favoured sonic image of many European orchestras.

The Model M1, Schmiedhaeuser Orchestral Horns, Germany

Model M1

Immediate response, excellent intonation and outstandingly adaptable for individual ideal sound, concepts and ideals. 

The name M1 stands for a design of ingenious simplicity and aesthetic with a distinctive appearance for those who have a love for extraordinary designs.

The Model S1, Schmiedhaeuser Orchestral Horns, Germany

Model S1

The S1. "With the air" is convincing because of optimal air flow, response and intonation

The Model S1: easy playability and response through optimized air flow through the instrument and the valves.


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